If you landed on this page, you’re probably looking for a distinctive wedding dress, because you’re probably a distinctive bride. Alternative, off-beat, different, unique, unconventional and inspired; this is the place for you.

We draw our inspiration from brides looking for alternative wedding garments. Whether you want a down-to-earth timeless classic, or a statement dress, we aspire to create the space and freedom for you, the bride, to be in control of your look, and ultimately the lasting image of your wedding day.

Our ready-to-wear range includes original, hand-made pieces to mix-and-match, giving you the freedom and flexibility to select separate or combined elements and put together your own wearable art, whether you aim for minimalistic aesthetics or a bold statement. Alternatively, if you have an unconventional dress-idea, we consult regarding custom-made dresses or pieces. We combine elements of modern design, classical masterpieces and bridal couture to create tasteful and inspired wearable separates.

From the outset we have been determined to provide quality and exclusivity while keeping our designs as affordable as possible. We are continually building our range, adding limited edition pieces and seasonal designs.