I met Jessica, who is now a successful advertising strategist at VML, almost 10 years ago, when we were both students. We both worked in our spare time as shop assistants across the passage from each other. She and Brad had already been dating by then. From the start we got on like a house on fire. As time put distance between us, we saw each other less frequently, but were always able to pick up where we left off. Years ago, I promised to make her wedding dress.


When the time came, instead of eloping as Jess had jokingly planned, the couple tied the knot in a laid-back ceremony at Workshop 55 surrounded by their nearest and dearest. The homely venue with the delectable food and drink selection hand-picked by the couple, made their celebration intimate and memorable.


In the process of designing and crafting Jess’ dress, she provided references but allowed us freedom of interpretation. We started experimenting with a couple of cotton blend laces, which we deconstructed to make the dress more distinctive, yet keeping it understated to enhance the bride’s natural beauty.


Jess had wanted her power-squad dressed in white alongside her, in simplistic and elegant designs, which perfectly matches our philosophy. We ended up crafting the three bridesmaids dresses as well, and the moss crepe dresses with a drape was each cut to best suit each bridesmaid’s natural features and in keeping with their preferences on length and fit. We think the bride and bridesmaids shone in their Tru/Vai designs.


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